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Q. How do I earn points?
A. Simply present your card every time you shop with us and you earn 5 points for every $1 spent. You can earn points at any of your favourite Fusion stores, including Diana Ferrari, Williams and Mathers.

Q. Can I earn points shopping online?
A. Yes, you can also earn points when you make purchases online at any of our brands' online stores.

Q. How much are my points worth?
A. Every 100 points = $1 dollar towards a future purchase.

Q. How do I redeem my points in store?
A. Present your card to the store staff when you make your purchase and advise how much you would like to redeem.

Q. Can I redeem my points online?
A. You can now redeem your points at our online stores:,, and

Q. Is there a minimum redemption?
A. Yes, you can redeem a minimum of 100 points at any one time. Points cannot be redeemed for cash.

Q. How do I know what status level I am?
A. Check the 'Home' tab. Your current status level has been based on your purchases using your existing card over the last 12 months.

Q. If I am an existing Fusion member, will I receive a new Fusion card?
A. If you are a Ruby member, you will not receive a new card. Only Silver and Gold members will receive new updated Fusion cards in the mail.

Q. Do I have any points already?
A. Points will start accruing from purchases made on or after 7 December 2012.

Q. How can I update my member details?
A. Click on the My Details tab on this website.

Q. How can I manage my subscriptions?
A. Click on the My Brands tab on this website. Tick/untick the Email and SMS options under each brand's image. Or use the 'Select All' option.

Q. When can I earn and start to redeem my points?
A. You can earn straight away! Points earned from a purchase will become available for redemption at least one day after the purchase.

Q. How long do I have until my points expire?
A. Your points expire after two years.

Q. How do I keep track of my points?
A. Your points total will appear on every purchase receipt. However, your receipt will not reflect any additional points you earned through bonus points promotions. You can find this in You can also ask one of our staff in store or check your points balance online.

Q. If I lose my card and I am a Silver or Gold cardholder, what should I do to replace my lost card?
A. Only Ruby cards may be replaced in store. See our Fusion store staff for more information.

Q. If I ask for a refund on an item I have purchased, what happens to the points that I redeemed for this transaction?
A. The points you used towards the original transaction will not be refunded.